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Yoga / Fitness Studio Management Software


We understand you need to optimise use of studio space. And to connect with the best teachers to offer a variety of classes to suit your clients - so they keep coming back. Through our network we connect you to the best trainers and enthusiastic clients. 4D Booking System enables you to plan your studio shifts - and help make use of those empty slots in between. How? It's simple. Our 4D Booking System gives you a platform to promote your studio space, your classes and your facilities along with managing your timetable and communicating with trainers and clients alike.

Key Features

4D Online Booking/Personal Assistant

Through are personal assistants we help you sell unused studio space by connecting you to trainers who are looking for a place to teach. We let your clients book their next visit online hassle-free. So, you are around wherever and whenever they want, which means more clients. We will handle all your rooms and all your teachers so that you will always stay on top of your business. And with the automated online payments you don’t need to worry about a thing.

4D Client Board/ Client Live

You can now easily broadcast messages to your clients. So, whether it is about a change in class or special discounts; an event or a new product, we make sure the message gets across quickly. Hear what they are saying through the reviews and ratings; know what is trending and what they are looking for so that you can always stay ahead.

4D Network

We know what your clients want. So we make sure that you are where they are. With a special profile created just for you, we will help you get the word out, connect with new clients nearby and offer discounts. And backed with the positive reviews from satisfied clients this becomes your calling card wherever you go.

4D Business Assistant

With our business assistant you will always have the right information at your fingertips, so that you can make your business grow. The daily, weekly and monthly views will help you make the most of your facilities. And when you know the numbers, you can handle offers and promotions better.

4D Sales Assistant

With this nifty little assistant we make sure that your sales are always increasing. By selling products online and creating new offers to help you get more. But it doesn’t stop there, we’ll keep a tab of all the clients who’ve shown an interest in your services and make sure they are up-to-date with your offers so that you never miss out on a client.

4D Complete Solution

We make it our business is to make your business grow. And we are not sitting back while you work either. We are always just a call away with bespoke solutions to suit your needs. From building your website to handling your social media advertising we will do it all. After all, we are here to grow with you.


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