Tips for choosing the best yoga centres and classes

Modern yoga studios provide fitness for all the age groups of people. Before choosing a right yoga studio or trainer, you need to check certain criteria. Here, we have provided the list of important things to consider for finding a good yoga studio in your locality.

tips to find a good yoga studio

Be clear about the exact requirements:

Ask yourself about the goals you need to achieve after the completion of yoga course. Be clear about your necessities because there are different types of yoga poses available. Some poses are not suitable for certain age groups. Your requirements differ from the needs of other people. Choose the yoga classes based on your age, purpose, body condition, etc... Narrow down the requirements and pick a studio / class schedule that aligns with all your needs.

Active participation in community:

Select a yoga studio which encourages you to involve in making friends or form a community with like-minded people. Some studios encourage a ‘family and friend’ atmosphere, whereas others allow you to go in, practice and go home. Good yoga centres take an extra step to reach the potential customers.

Ask around:

Talk with various people to know about different types of yoga centres and their teaching style. Ask the opinion of friends, relatives and co-workers. Word of mouth reference is always very effective in finding a suitable yoga class.

Check for certification and registration (RYS & RYT):

Always search for the registered yoga practitioners. Choosing an ordinary yoga teacher may be inappropriate for most of the learners. There are three types of training requirements - beginners, intermediate level and expert level. Wrong yoga postures create risk for both the physical and mental health conditions. Therefore it is good to select a certified / registered yoga teacher to keep yourself in a comfort zone.

*RYS – Registered Yoga School 

*RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher

Prefer private classes / lessons:

Private classes are usually more expensive than the ordinary yoga courses but you get personal attention and practice at your own frequency. Private classes are especially suitable for elderly adults and people who suffer from certain disease conditions. You can prefer private yoga classes to get special care and attention.

Choose the right hours for yoga session:

Always allocate correct timings for the yoga classes. If you are comfortable in the morning time, you can do it before the breakfast or else at the evening time. To do yoga, the suitable time period is early morning (before having breakfast) time. It is very good to do yoga postures before eating any food stuffs, ideally at the early morning time (4.00 am to 6.00 am). Weekend classes do not provide efficient results as yoga should be practiced regularly. Select the courses and studios based on ideal timings.

Evaluate the course syllabus:

Each and every training is required a minimum number of hours dedicated to things like posture, relaxation, etc... Study the yoga curriculum completely. Know about how many hours are dedicated to each program and choose the classes appropriately.


Yoga classes have different stages and class structures. Always select a studio which provides cost-effective and affordable solution to your fitness requirements. If you sign up for expensive yoga studios, you would run out of budget before finishing the course completely. Know the fee structure clearly and register for a course.

Classes offered:

Make sure to choose a yoga studio that offers a wide range of classes. As you move to the next levels, you want to try more challenging classes. A good yoga studio cares in giving different stages of course structure to the customers.

Prefer studios in the near-by location:

If you sign up for three months course, attend all the classes completely to take full advantage. Do not miss a single class. Otherwise you would suffer negative impacts from the course. Attendance is very important in yoga classes. Choose a studio near your living place, so that you can reach it very easily without any stress.

Know about the experience level of teachers:

It is very important to know about the experience level of teachers before you sign up for any new program. If there are many great teachers available in your locality, always choose the best one. Give preference for the teachers with more than 10 years of experience. They have in-depth knowledge about the pros and cons of yoga.

Check the user reviews:

Online reviews and user feedback system provides a clear idea to choose yoga studio in your locality. There are lots of online forums and business listing websites in which people can rate / review the yoga centres. Select a yoga studio with good ratings and positive reviews.

Clean surroundings and modern amenities:

You need clean surroundings, spacious rooms and wide range of accessories for practicing yoga. Good yoga studios provide modern amenities that help in reaching the goals and needs of clients. Many customers reject the studios with poor ventilation and space. The final goal of this art is to attain physical health and mental calmness. Selecting a good yoga centre help in reaching the goals successfully.

Friendly trainers:

Find a teacher who is friendly and kind with the customers. Almost all the yoga businesses run for profit. In some cases, the yoga teachers are very dedicated to work and hence they treat their customers with good respect. They are not harsh in the case of difficult conditions. Yoga practice needs patience and full effort. Choose a master who is patient and calm in dealing the learners.


Keep all these important tips in mind before searching for a good yoga studio in your locality.

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    I appreciated the tip that you gave to choose a yoga class based off of the opinions of your friends and relatives. My wife and I have been talking about getting into shape, and we want to start with yoga. When we look for a class, I will be sure to ask around to check the opinions of others beforehand.

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    My wife and I want to start going to yoga classes. It was helpful that you suggested to choose one that has good reviews. When we look for one, I will be sure to check their reviews.

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