List of Must-Have Yoga Equipment and Accessories for Studios & Learners

A modern yoga studio should have all the essential yoga accessories and equipment to fulfill the fitness needs of customers. To practice yoga, open environment is considered as a better option. When you first start doing yoga, it's very difficult to know what you really need to buy from the store. There are lots of poses available in yoga. Improper way of doing yoga can bring negative effects to mind and body. Hence proper equipment and accessories are necessary to do tough poses in a comfortable manner. Here, we have listed out the important yoga equipment and accessories for studios and learners.

List of necessary yoga equipment and accessories

Essential yoga studio equipment:

1. Yoga Mats

2. Straps

3. Blankets

4. Blocks

5. Bolsters

6. Chairs

7. Meditation cushions

8. Eye pillows (tissues or washable cloth to cover them)

9. Mat cleaning wipes

10. Tissue papers

11. Strong floorings

12. Temperature control, fans, portable heaters if needed

13. Battery operated / Scented candles

14. Chime, bells, or gong (for bringing people out of corpse pose, or silent meditation)

15. Essential oil diffuser

16. Yoga CD's

17. Incense sticks

18. Matches

19. Lighting system that allows for dimming

20. Effective sound system

21. Salt lamp – they purify air and look lovely

22. Sandbags

Essential equipment for yoga learners:

1. Always wear comfortable clothing:

1.1. Shorts

1.2. Capris

1.3. Tanks

1.4. Pullover

1.5. Yoga pants

1.6. Sports Bra

1.7. Yoga Tops

2. Other accessories that you may need while doing yoga

2.1 Exercise ball

2.2 Hand towel

2.3 Yoga wedge

2.4 Yoga belt

2.5 Yoga wheel

Whether you are just starting up to manage a new yoga studio or simply looking to enhance your practice, proper equipment is necessary to accomplish the perfect yoga practice.

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